Before you travel….

Before you travel….

Anyone else had enough winter? Now seems like a pretty good time to hop on a plane headed somewhere warm.  There’s some pretty good last-minute deals out there too if you’re flexible on the dates.

Before you trade in your toque & mitts for sandals and sunscreen remember to take a minute to obtain travel medical insurance for you and your family. You may be thinking that nothing is going to happen to you. After all, you just plan on sitting on the beach with a book and a cold drink.  The reality is that medical emergencies can happen to all types of travellers, at any age, in any location, at any time – even if you’re not planning any big adventures while you’re away.

In the midst of a medical emergency, you certainly shouldn’t be thinking about the costs, the bills, or saving money. With adequate travel medical insurance, you can instead focus on recovering and getting back home as quickly and safely as possible.

It seems like every other week there’s an article on the news about a Canadian injured abroad who didn’t have insurance and can’t afford the mounting hospital bills. Go fund me pages are a good way to raise a few bucks but often amount to just a drop in the bucket.  But what if there was a way you could avoid all of this in the first place…

Good news, there is, and it’s ridiculously easy too! Obtaining travel insurance is as easy as making a quick phone call.  In just a few minutes you’ll have your new travel policy in place and confirmation of coverage delivered to you by email right to your smartphone so you can take it with you on your trip.  You can even buy an annual package which offers you the freedom to jump on a last-minute trip without worry.

So grab your phone and call our friends at Allianz Global Assistance by calling 1-800-995-1662.  They’ll ask you for an agency code which is 1098.  That code tells them you’re a Young & Haggis client.  In just a few minutes you’ll be protected so you can really truly relax on your vacation.

Enjoy your trip, and don’t forget to send us a postcard!