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Alberta Tenant's Insurance for Your Rental

Personal Property

This insures your personal belongings (furniture, clothing, cookware, etc) to the limit you have determined to be their total replacement value. Your personal property is also insured while it is temporarily away from your rented home.

Additional Living Expenses

This coverage applies when the residence you are renting has been damaged and deemed unfit for occupancy by the insurance company.  It will cover you for living expenses and fair rental value outside your regular budget for food and rent when you have been forced to leave your residence due to an insured loss.

Tenant Improvements

This insures improvements to the rented dwelling made by you or acquired at your expense.

Personal Liability

This insures any bodily injury or property damage arising out of your personal activities anywhere in the world. It also insures bodily injury and property damage arising out of your occupancy of the rented dwelling. The policy will defend you against legal action in this regard and pay out the compensatory damages should you be found negligent and therefore liable for injury or damage.

Tenants Legal Liability

This insures property damage to the premises you rent which is caused by an insured peril.  This is important because a Landlord can come to you for payment for damage that you cause to the rented premises. For example, if you left a pot on a stove and a fire ensued damaging the premises, you could be held responsible for paying the damage.  This coverage pays for your legal liability as a tenant.

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