Summer Vacation For You Is Busy Season For Thieves

As your children finish school for the summer and weather warms up there is nothing better than packing the car and heading out to the lake with the family. Summer is a time when work days can get shortened and weekends extended just so you can have a little more time on the water before heading back home. Unfortunately, the lazy summer days for some are the busiest days of the year for others. Studies have shown that residential burglaries increase as much as 31% in the summer months, and this is due to the increase in opportunity with people being away for days at a time and in the warm weather it is easy to leave windows open. If you are planning to head out of town this summer take the necessary precautions. Have a friend or neighbor check on your house from time to time, don’t tell the whole world via Facebook or Twitter that you are “headin’ to the lake to do some fishin’ with the family”, and make sure all your doors and windows are locked. Knowing your house is secure will help you sleep easier at night. Don’t forget your bug spray and have fun!!!!