….its complicated

….its complicated

You gotta love this modern age we live in.   You can do anything and everything for yourself without any help.  From drafting a will, to buying or selling property, to whitening your teeth, yep you really can do anything.    But just because you can do it doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Take insurance for example.   It has to be one of the most complicated products in the world.    There’s no end of .coms out there that offer insurance and with a few clicks and a credit card you’ve got yourself a policy.  You’re thinking “this is great,  I didn’t even have to pick up the phone or put on pants to leave the house”.  But do you really know what you just purchased? Do you know what that policy covers?  And more importantly what that policy doesn’t cover? 

It seems that everyday we are bombarded with commercials on TV, newspapers, Magazines, Internet, and radio from companies that want our money in exchange for a promise to pay if this or than happens.   How do you know which of these coverages are something you actually should be considering?  The answer is simple my friend, you need a broker.

Theres a popular misconception out there that you’ll pay more for insurance from a broker.   That whole “cut out the middle man and save” mentality. Its simply not true.  The honest truth is that a broker works for you, the consumer.  We are here to educate you on insurance products and offerings and help you determine which coverages your family should consider and which coverages you shouldn’t.  We have contracts with numerous insurance companies which means we can find you a price that’s competitive, rather than what just one .com can offer. 

We ‘re also here for you in the time of a claim, to help YOU because we work for YOU…. not the insurance company.  Win / win right?  

People think that a .com will be more convenient.  Maybe, but to then you’re just a policy number.   To a broker you’re a person, a valued client, someone we’ve worked hard to build a personal relationship with.  We took the time to get to know you and help you determine what coverages you need and what you don’t.   Wouldn’t you rather deal with someone you know when the unthinkable happens? 

I could go on and on about this for ages but I know you’ve got things to do.  So instead I encourage you to call us, email us or visit our website, and learn first hand why dealing with a broker is better. 

Its time for you to find out why brokers do it better.