Old Man Winter

Well hello, Y&H blog readers, it’s been a while but expect to see a lot more blog posts coming your way!
With Old Man Winter blowing in strong, we wil be coming at you with winter themes for the next few months. Yay!!! I know you’re all excited. First off, the beauty of nice, soft, grooved winter tires that will help turn the ice rinks of Calgary roads into not as scary of a monster. I am currently in the process of getting winter tires on our family vehicles. But remember, winter tires do not make you invincible. You can’t expect to put winter tires on and then go 110k on the Deerfoot in a blizzard. I know this all too well as last week I was visiting the great city of Vernon and on my drive back through the mountains, the snow began to fall and the roads became very slick. As I carried on at about 60 (I had not had my tires put on yet) there were numerous big pick up trucks that would tear by me…splashing my windshield with brown, snow/slush (thank you for that by the way). I thought these guys must have winter tires to be so confident on the roads but never the less, about an hour down the road I saw one of the trucks with its hazards on in the ditch and the driver looking sheepish, talking to the tow truck driver. YOU STILL NEED TO USE CAUTION EVEN WITH SNOW TIRES ON!!!