The Importance Of Travel insurance

A one time payment of $56.70 for an Emergency Hospital & Medical policy from TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators saved a young couple over $68,000 USD in unexpected medical and travel expenses. Many students and young Canadian travelers enjoy outdoor adventure during their vacations. Mark* and his wife Kathy* didn’t want to take any chances on their adventure. To be safe, they decided to purchase an Emergency Hospital & Medical policy for their trip to Mexico for just $56.70 CDN It was one of the wisest decisions they have ever made. On February 14th, while paragliding, Mark lost control and crashed. “He hurt himself very badly,” said the case manager from TIC who received the phone call from Mark’s distraught wife. “This was just a horrifying experience for them.” An ambulance took Mark to the nearest medical facility for stabilization, and then an air ambulance took him to the hospital for emergency spinal cord surgery. Although the surgery went well, Mark had also broken his pelvis in the accident, and couldn’t return to Canada on his originally-scheduled flight. Part of TIC’s pledge to customers includes providing support and assistance to get them through tough times like this. TIC made special seating and flight arrangements for Mark – a reclining seat in first-class, wheelchair assistance, and a place to rest during the stopover on his long flight home. In the end, Mark’s hospital bill came to $68,000 USD, and the couple’s commercial flight home cost another $1,800 USD. Although they paid only $56.70 CDN for their policy, they saved tens of thousands of dollars, and received invaluable help from the great team at TIC Travel Insurance Coordinators. Please contact our office for any additional information on travel insurance or call TIC directly at 1-800-663-4494 and give them the broker code 1098 for a quote for your next trip.

* Names have been changed for privacy purposes. * This claim was given to us directly from TIC.