Young & Haggis Essential Gift Giving Guide

Its that time of year again.  This year it really does feel like we might actually have a white Christmas in Calgary.  Here then is the Young & Haggis essential gift giving guide to help your loved ones get through the long cold winter ahead.

  1. A rocket powered sled is a great way to get out and enjoy the outdoors.   Best part is you can’t get lost, your family & friends can just follow the scorched streak of earth you left behind.    Might even give Clark W Griswold’s greased up saucer a run for its money. Rocket Sled
  2. Maybe not as much fun as playing with rockets s, this idea is both useful and affordable by comparison.  The reversible cleat winter boot.   No more slip and falls for you my friend. 500x_reversible_cleat_boots
  3. The cold war. Remember the pain you used to feel after making a few dozen snowballs?   No more numb, wet, frozen fingers with this bad boy.  It sculpts the balls for you three at a time.  Then you can use the internal sling shot to fire them… up to 50 feet!
    Snowball gun
  4. Sausages & Beans… hot… from a can…. any time…. need I say more? Essential_Ridiculous_Winter_Gadgets_09
  5. Movember may be over, but that doesn’t mean you or your loved ones can’t look awesome all winter long.    Do it!beardheada__89801
  6. Slegoon Sled. This thing is like the grown up version of the GT Snow racer from my childhood. The roll cage protects the rider and doubles as extra runners should the death trap sled flip over mid-run.
  7. original
  8. Gas powered snowboard.  Perfect for those of you who live in the prairies.  This snowboard is gas powered.   Top speed 30km/h.  gas-powered-snowboard-2300
  9. NEST thermostat.  This thing is awesome.  it learns your habits, knows when you get home and when you leave and adjusts the head accordingly.  Syncs with a smartphone so you can control it from anywhere.
  10. nest
  11. The Chumbuddy shark sleeping bag.   Warm, cozy and safe… afterall,  whos going to mess with a shark… nobody, thats who. 
  12. S’mores maker.  Thats right, s’mores indoors.  No fire required.   Just load it and pop it in the microwave and they’re ready in no time. o-MICROWAVE-SMORES-MAKER-facebook

Happy Holidays!